How does your garden grow?

Most of my friends who enjoy cooking also appreciate the availability of fresh vegetables and herbs. That is why so many of us have small gardens in our yards. Of course, if you grew up on the east coast — you know that fresh tomatoes are a must for any gardener, serious or not. No matter how close you live to a farm or a farmers’ market, there is just nothing like the smell of fresh tomatoes after a rain. And picking them, adding a little salt and just biting? Well that’s heaven for me, right here on my little plot of earth. I also like growing things like basil, mint, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and cilantro. Because with those ingredients, an ordinary meal can become a moment of sheer pleasure.

hot summer air, cool summer feet

hot summer air, cool summer feet


baby basil leaves, please


jalepeno peppers from the garden go into a fresh salsa in summer

box gardening

a raised bed garden


good god, chives alive


mojitos without fresh mint? Never!


tomatoes… need to grow and ripen

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