about wendy

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Chick who likes to cook. Enjoys wine & cheese, too !

Who am I?

Just a chick who likes to share.

I started my career in radio and moved into data, software and marketing. I’ve worked for some amazing companies and ran my own consulting practice and research firm. And when I’m not at work or shuttling my kids to and from sports, I like to relax with friends. My entertaining is nowhere near as nice as Giada’s but we put out a spread and encourage our friends to cook with us (while drinking wine of course) or bring a favorite dish. Maybe I’ll get a few of them blogging with me!

I use a lot of Pampered Chef products. My sister started me on their stuff a good 10+ years ago.  I signed up to be an independent consultant because I really like and use their products. If you need anything — please visit my personal page and holler! If you want something and would like to host an online party (on Facebook) just let me know. You can earn credit towards great products that will make your life a little easier (and dare I say it, more FUN) especially in the kitchen.

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